Lit Candles

The World Community

At this time of new beginnings and opportunity for the new year ahead, I pray that all who are living may be strengthened with grace and joy at the miracle of life.

The New year

At this time of new beginnings and anticipation for the year ahead, I pray for the joy and miracle of life to affirm the journeys of those living with cancer.

My amazing wife Jane Mazzio

To my amazing wife who lost her 20 year battle last December. 2017. You are my inspiration and my love forever. Jane was one of the longest survivors with LMS. Miss you every day kid!

Maria Luce

for myself that I may have the strength to live her illness with joy and peace and in thanskgiving to all those who supported me

Leonor Escoffie Reynal

In honor of my mother that is now in heaven. She brought so much light and love into this world. She was the best wife, mother, sister, daughter and friend. Love you.

Maria Luce

New York

for myself that I may have the strength to live her illness with joy and peace and in thanskgiving to all those who supported me

Maria Luce

Annemarie Joyce

Columbus, OH

Continued remission of LMS and membership in James Cancer survival group.

Madeline M. Wood

Pennee Morris

In heaven
To honor a wonderful wife, mother, and daughter. Pennee loved every one and every one loved Pennee. She will live on in the hearts of all who knew her.

Barry Morris


Dear God – please give my husband strength of body, mind and spirit so that he can regain full health.


Loretta Roberts

West Virginia
We miss you mom!



For continued good health and hospital results for my husband Gerard. For all those fighting this terrible and heartbreaking disease especially young moms dads and kids please God grant us all health healing peace and happiness today and always and please banish this curse of a disease from our world Lord have mercy on us all amen x

Family and friends


Please heal the sick ,make this ugly disease disappear



A miraculous healing ❤️

Vera Martinez

We love and miss you grandma.


NLMSF Annie and Mitch Achee

Dear God please protect and guide Annie and Mitch as they advocate and support so many patients and caregivers. There hard work to promote LMS awareness and to locate funding for research please help direct them and assist them with their work and give them guidance to the right paths to take to help find a cure for Sarcoma and LMS.

Sarcoma Sunflower Brigade Friends

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Reaching For the Cure Together

The Sarcoma Coalition is a nonprofit collaboration of 21 sarcoma advocacy organizations from around the country working toward a common purpose: To provide resources and support for those dealing with sarcoma – from patients and their families to allies in the research and medical communities.  Click Here to learn more.
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