Lit Candles

Barbara Marini

Healing of the negative effects of cancer treatments as well as continued healing of any recurrence of the cancer.

Barbara Marini

Janice Bennett

Canton, CT
Battling Uterine LMS, doing well 1 yr later, for continued complete healing of cancer!!!

Susan Aston

All of those we lost

Praying for a cure.


Heather Ota

Princeton Indiana
Prayer for all cancer to be gone.

April Stevenson


Please keep her healthy.


Ellen Graulich

Praying to remain NED



God speed

My sister

I pray for her continued good test results. I also want to give thanks to God for seeing her through the journey so far.


Candelaria Jasso

Houston TX
For my mom to make it through this battle.

Lorena Jasso

Paul F Gannon

Buffalo NY

May the Father, Son and Holy Spirit guide my father Paul through his crossing over with peace and love. In the name of our father amen.

Kelly Gannon Emmick


In memory of loved one

All who have been diagnosed with cancer

Praying for a cure for cancer or a way to prevent cancer. Remember all those who have already passed and those families who miss their loved ones. Praying for caretakers of those with cancer and the cancer victims who are scared and unsure. Please grant peace and calm as we deal with treatment or uncertain diagnosis.


Sarcoma Sunflower Brigade Friends

Facebook Support Group
May all the Members both Patients and Caregivers of the Sarcoma Sunflower Brigade be blessed with peace, courage, strength and caring support as they march forward together on this journey. Together We are Stronger with Gods Blessings AMEN

Mary Anne Oldford

In Honor Of A Loved One

Name of honored person

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Reaching For the Cure Together