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Crispr Cas 9/TAPUR -What They Mean For the Future For Patients

What is CRISPR-CAS 9?

crystal_structure_of_crispr-cas 9_in_complex_with_guide_rna_and_target_dna

The CRISPR-CAS 9 system is a unique tool that allows scientists to make precise, targeted changes to the genome by deleting, replacing or inserting parts to specific locations in the DNA sequence.

CRISPR-CAS 9 cuts time in half for genome sequencing and is more effective for researchers analyzing genomes, RNA, and proteins of various diseases.  CRISPR-CAS 9 also offers great hope certainly for the rare disease patient community, especially as it relates to future immunotherapy breakthroughs for LMS.

How It Works:




THE TAPUR STUDY  (www.tapur.org):

The Targeted Agent and Profiling Utilization Registry (TAPUR) study is a clinical trial for people with advanced cancer whose cancer is no longer responding to standard treatment or for whom there is no standard treatment available.
A patient’s cancer must also have a potentially actionable genomic variant already identified through a genomic test  –talk to your oncologist about this for more information about participating in a TAPUR study and the genomic testing step.
The TAPUR study aims to:  
  • learn whether approved drugs might work against different cancers
  • find out how genomic or molecular tests are used to care for people with advanced cancer
  •  use the study results to help inform future studies and aid in the care of people with cancer
  • provide patients with access to therapies which may benefit them 
The TAPUR STUDY website will have information about the eligibility of the study;  latest news and study announcements, the list of drugs available in the study, and a current listing of study sites in the country.