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Investing in research points to the future of survivorship and quality of life.  Let’s stand behind the Researchers – the “Life Line of Hope” for us all.
A list of the LMS Research projects supported by the NLMSF 
for hopeful breakthroughs to accelerate treatment advancements:

Invest in Research Breakthroughs To Advance Treatment:

It is easy to make a contribution to research in honor/ tribute for someone who has been a special part of your life.

Online Donations

Click here to make an online donation. 

Donations by Mail 

Click on the link below to make a  donation by mail:

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The National Leiomyosarcoma Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Over 90% of your donation will go directly to leiomyosarcoma research.

All donors will receive an acknowledgment for tax purposes.
A new way to contribute to research – just a click away on your mobile phone that is secure and direct to the Foundation for the LMS research projects that were described in the January 2, 2018 NLMSF E BULLETIN.
Here’s how:
Donors text:  lmsdonate to 855  735-2437, register your name and credit card, and you will be able to donate any amount you wish.  Donors can also give online at:
Thank you for your gracious generosity and support!

Reaching For the Cure Together

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