Free Donation While You Shop!


Shopping is fundraising for LMS research!  Not only online shopping but scroll all the way down to view LMS specific merchandise offered by the foundation.
All of the following ways to shop will bring a percentage of revenue for the Foundation to be directed  for LMS research:
*  SMILE.AMAZON.COM –  select the NLMSF as your Charity of Choice once you go the website from your
computer or mobile device.
* You may want to add a bookmark to to make it easier to return and start your shopping at  AmazonSmile.
*  Prime merchandise is also available if you are an Amazon Prime shopper.
*  There are no additional charges involved.
*  All future purchase result in 0.5% of the total purchase being
    donated to fund LMS research through the Foundation.
* –  1700 stores participating.  Visit to find out how to launch an app.  On your computer, cells phone,  or tablet. It’s easy!  IGVE has partnered with Amazon, Ebay, and more.
 * – the Foundation is already registered!  Just sign up and Power Shop for LMS Research!


You will be asked to sign in with your Facebook account or to create an account. Then you will be able to pick the charity that you wish to donate to. NLMSF is now on that list. It’s quite simple.
Giving Assistant is a great place for people who shop online from 1,594 retailers so there is something for everyone.
∗ GREAT – we are a top rated nonprofit organization! You can donate on our GREAT Nonprofits page at:

Reaching For the Cure Together

The International Leiomyosarcoma Research Roundtable launches in 2019.  More information will follow as this initiative will help further advance LMS -specific investigational research.
The LMS COMMUNITY LIVE SUPPORT HELPLINE is open  9 am - 9 pm ET:  888-264-4670.
Consent to donate your tumor tissue before surgery.  For details go to:
Contribute to LMS Research 
"Invest" in Research - Support / Contribute to LMS Research Projects for 2018 -Click here for more info