Building  Community Awareness of a Rare Cancer like Leiomyosarcoma creates the opportunity to know more about LMS and what can be done to support and promote the much needed LMS Research.  

Because LMS is rare,  it does not receive the attention that other cancers do… so one person at a time building community awareness does make all the difference!
Contact Annie Achee for a “Community Ideas Tool Kit” with many easy ways to be able to make the difference count!  See the events that have already taken place to be inspired (see below)!
Thank you all for dedicated support and believing in our mission and purpose – knowing that you can create great awareness on your community on to honor a loved one,  a friend, a co worker.

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FROM THE NORTHWEST SARCOMA FOUNDATION – Northwest Sarcoma Foundation Facebook LIVE Nov. 29th

In collaborative partnership with the Northwest Sarcoma Foundation,  the NLMSF has been asked to disseminate thiswebinar announcement to you all  . . . featuring Jennifer Ensey, a leiomyosarcoma patient, who is graciously sharing the story of her personal  LMS journey.
I hope you will join us all for this special webinar presentation by accessing the following link:
The NLMSF will continue collaborating to bring more webinar presentations from patients,  researchers, clinicians in the future. This is the first of many more to come . . . to bring us all closer together!
We are very appreciative of the wonderful alliance with Northwest Sarcoma Foundation, for our future Patient Education Symposium on April 21, 2017 with Dr. Seth Pollack and his sarcoma team at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center in Seattle, as well as an additional patient education program to be scheduled in Portland (date to be announced).
This is all about working together – to move forward for the sake of supporting patients and their families – the Champions of Hope,   and for the sake of supporting our researchers – our Everyday Heroes –  see the  “All About Us” page to view individuals that we are so grateful for.
Let us know if you found the webinar helpful . . . looking forward to your feedback (
H A P P Y    T H A N K S G I V I N G  TO  ALL !


Connective Tissue Oncology Society (CTOS) Conference – Lisbon, Portugal, November 2016:

The Liddy Shriver Initiative and the NLMSF – come together for an evening of celebration of the multi-organizational collaboration to support the vision of Bruce and Beverly Shriver – with the LMS Collaborative International Research Project launched in August 2016.


OHS Powder Puffs –  Oakville High School – St. Louis

Every year Oakville High School holds a Powder Puff game and donates all profits to a charity of our choosing.  The junior and senior girls get matching shirts and play football against each other for a night filled with fun.  Profits are made from t shirt orders and tickets to watch the event.  This year Sydney Stern (Junior Class President) recommended we donate to NLMSF.  We picked a few charities and let the entire Student Council vote on who should get the money.  We are happy to donate the money to NLMSF because we know it will be used for good research and help raise awareness for this rare disease.

-Kelli Roberts
Oakville High School Mathematics

Event at Montana State University Football Game – Miles City Connection Tailgate Party

An Awareness Event for Leiomyosarcoma was held at the “Miles City Connection” tailgate at the MSU Bozeman “Bobcat” football game on Saturday, October 22, 2016, during the annual “Cap on Cancer” game.  In memory of Brenda Falconer, an avid fan and supporter who devoted many hours to help with the Tailgate functions, we handed out purple ribbon pins, had a small display with literature, and educated many fans about our quest in the fight for research and a cure.  This is our 2nd years’ event.  Thanks to the National Leiomyosarcoma Foundation for providing brochures; and thanks to friends and family who made the purple ribbon pins; constructed the large wood displays of the purple ribbon; and the special purple hats made in honor of our beloved Brenda.

Here is a link to Brenda’s Obituary for additional information:

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Mrs. Maureen Kehoe –  Foundation Supporter and annual Event Sponsor

In April of 2006, Derek was diagnosed with Leiomyosarcoma (LMS).  Derek was an athlete, playing basketball at Nazareth Area High School as well as his freshman year at Albright College until his diagnosis that spring. Derek had an infectious smile that brought sunshine to all he met. After a six-month battle against this disease, Derek lost his fight in late October of that same year at the young age of 19. Since Derek’s passing the Nazareth community has come together and organized the Together for Derek 5k.  Each year, the race is held on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend.  This past year on May 28, 2016, we held our 10th Together for Derek 5k and again this year the race was very successful. We were able to raise over $12,000.00 in Derek’s name for the research of LMS. Not only has the race been able to raise money for research, but the race has brought awareness about LMS and in doing so we have found out that LMS is not as rare as has been once thought.

Five years after Derek’s passing, the mother of one of Derek’s basketball coaches had been diagnosed with LMS.  After a courageous battle against this disease, she lost her fight just a few weeks ago. We need to continue the fight.  Even though this year was our last year for the Together for Derek 5k, our fight has not ended.  Derek’s friend will be organizing a 3 on 3 basketball tournament in Derek’s name.  It is our hope that a cure to not only this type of cancer, but to all types of cancer that continue to affect the lives of so many people, may be realized.


May 28, 2016  in  Nazareth, Pennsylvania


A very special event started on November 8, 2015 on behalf of LMS patients and to acknowledge the heroes among us- our LMS researchers. Dr. Mitchell D. Achee, currently a five-year survivor, launched the first Bi-Annual LEIOMYOSARCOMA RESEARCH NETWORK INITIATIVE (LMSRNI). Hosted on his own, with no patient advocacy organization involved,  was a special event on behalf of all LMS patients – to ignite further hope for the future.

This was a casual gathering of LMS-only researchers who came together to have conversations on potential research partnering and research paper collaboration.   It worked!  The researchers connected with each other, and are on their way to furthering their collaborative efforts on publications and projects associated with LMS research.

This event  will once again be hosted by Dr. Achee in Maui, Hawaii, the next location for the Connective Tissue Oncology Society Conference in 2018.

For more information about this event, contact : or

Reaching For the Cure Together