RCRF Cell Line Project


A direct way for a patient to be able to move the needle forward toward potential global expansion of research initiatives that may develop as a result of increased availability of tissue and data.
This program is a collaborative partnership which began in April of this year, – the National Leiomysarcoma Foundation and the Rare Cancer Research Foundation – the Broad Institute
of MIT /Harvard – to hopefully enhance the LMS research landscape for the future. A valuable program opportunity for Leiomyosarcoma patients.

This program is well vetted by renowned researchers many of whom are members of the NLMSF Medical Advisory Council at this time, with ;more coming on board. The NLMSF sent out a survey to establish whether this program would benefit their research efforts and they agreed that it would. There was much coordination and preparation to bring this to the LMS Community and we are proud to have done so on behalf of patients and their families.

Here is the link to the Cancer Cell Line Program: http://nlmsf.org/cancer-cell-line-project/

The NHL made a video about THE RARE CANCER RESEARCH FOUNDATION’s rare cancer initiative with the Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard and pattern.org. If you have an upcoming biopsy or surgery and are interested in donating tissue, go to pattern.org to consent. To those in our community who have already donated tissue to this exciting project, THANK YOU!

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