As per the National Leiomyosarcoma Foundation:

NLMSF Caregiving Counts Guide:
Please be advised that we conduct quarterly virtual caregiving guidance sessions where caregivers engage in discussions on perspectives, receive support, gain valuable tips, and more.

NLMSF Podcast: Nurturing Care for Caregivers

Empowering the Caregiver PowerPoint Presentation (Link) – Family Guidance Notes

Cancer.Net’s Video Series: Nurturing Care for Caregivers


This video series provides educational support to aid you in addressing the day-to-day requirements of your loved one, along with imparting self-care techniques designed to enhance your personal quality of life.

  • Physical Care Training: drain care, lifting, pain management, medication management, symptom/side effect management, and identifying signs of infection.
  • Caregiver Self-Care: nutrition, physical activity, stress management and coping, dealing with fear of recurrence, and deep breathing/meditation.
  • • Advocacy: how to effectively communicate your loved one’s needs to the cancer care team. Caregiver Stories: caregivers share their experiences through the ups and downs of their journey.

Tips for Being a Successful Caregiver:

The complimentary ASCO Answers Guide to Providing Care for a Loved One With Cancer encompasses practical tips and valuable advice, offering insights into effective communication with both family members and the healthcare team, among other essential aspects.

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