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Get Involved-Help Fund Leiomyosarcoma Research


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Reaching for the cure-fund leiomyosarcoma researchTogether!


 “Purpose drives everything we all do together!”

* ATTEND PATIENT EDUCATION PROGRAMS – held throughout the year.   Check Patient Education page for calendar updates.
* BE A VOLUNTEER FOUNDATION AMBASSADOR –  Help the Foundation with a small project. Initiate a project you feel passionate about doing, based on your time / availability.  The Foundation has  at least 50 fundraising ideas to share. Students and young professionals can also be Ambassadors to help raise awareness and LMS research funding.
*THINK OF A PROJECT AT CHURCH, SCHOOL, WORK, CLUB AFFILIATION, in connection with a holiday to make it a             festive fundraising effort.   Fall is a great time to launch a fundraising project.
JULY 15 IS LMS AWARENESS DAY –  A fundraising event on this day would highlight awareness of LMS.
Contact  Annie at 303  783-0924 or email at:  [email protected] for the Ideas List to share with you.
* BE A FACEBOOK/TWITTER PARTICIPANT –   Connect with patients/supporters/Foundation board members. See information updates posted about research articles/news/updates.
*  CONTRIBUTE Invest in the future of surviving LMS.  It is all about the present and the future of Leiomyosarcoma research breakthroughs to advance treatment options and extend survival for patients.



Remembering  those touched by Leiomyosarcoma and who have special meaning in our lives – honor them with an Leiomyosarcoma research contribution.

Your tax deductible  “investment” contribution is directed to LMS Research projects.

1.  Personal Donation – monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual contributions – automatic through PayPal or by check;  

Automatic PayPal makes it easy!

By Check;

Make your check payable to the NLMSF:
2843 E. Grand River Ave., Suite  230 East Lansing, MI  48823

For questions or help to get started:  contact Annie Achee at 303 783-0924 or [email protected]

You are the “donor in the driver’s seat” – to select any or all LMS research projects being supported through the Foundation.
A “directed donation” to certain or all research projects is welcomed!
The Foundation will continuously support promising LMS research for the advancement of treatment breakthroughs.
The need never stops, ongoing efforts to raise funds to support the much-needed research is imperative.  65% of LMS-diagnosed patients live five years. Therefore, patients do not have the luxury of time on their side.

2.  Planned Giving –   Think about a “lasting impact” on the future of LMS research efforts through wills, trusts, annuities.


Ask your employer about your corporate/company program to possibly double or triple your donation(s).

Increase the amount of your gift by using your Employer’s Gift Match Program.  Many companies offer matching gift programs to encourage employees to contribute to charitable organizations.

Check with your employer or Human Resources Manager to determine if your company participates in a Gift Match Program.

4.  Honor /Tribute /SURVIVOR / THRIVER FUND

If you want to establish a memorial/ tribute fund for a loved one, please visit the establish a tribute page below:

Establish a Tribute

NATIONAL LMS AWARENESS DAY began on  July 15, 2016.  The Foundation will continue to work with legislators annually to ensure each year includes this special day . . . a special time to honor survivors and those that would want to be remembered for a life lived with grace and courage while facing this rare cancer journey.

For more ways to contribute, visit our shop online page and build LMS awareness on your community page

 A fund in observance of this day through crowdfunding such as IGIVE.com,  YOUCARING.com, GOFUNDME.com, etc., is a great way to have others join you to help fund research, perhaps even through a matching donation!

We are ALL “Stakeholders” in accelerating LMS research efforts/advancements/results to extend survivorship.  We have to stand behind the LMS Researchers –  it’s up to all of us – Together!

Your Tax Deductible contribution/investment to fund lifesaving research means so much to patients currently fighting this rare cancer. Please donate today and you will receive Foundation acknowledgment for tax record purposes and a personal message from the Foundation President, with a purple ribbon to wear or NLMSF silicone wristband.