Gerri Rubino

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Gerri Rubino

My light went out on March 8, 2020 when my beloved wife of 34 years passed away at the age of 61 from cancer after suffering for 9 long months. Since my retirement in 2019 we hoped to enjoy many happy years in each other’s company but that was not meant to be. My sweet wife was an absolutely beautiful person inside and out, a role-model wife to me and mother to our two daughters Dayna and Brittney, and made many lifelong friends who she considered family. She was always personable, warm, cheerful with a positive attitude, had the most magnificent glowing smile, gorgeous blonde hair with a perfectly sculptured face, and she lit up every room she entered. She seldom, if ever, criticized any person but instead preferred to refer to their good qualities. She was the soul of honesty and was the epitome of total class in every aspect. She loved music (her favorite singer was Tom Jones), flowers (her favorite was hydrangeas), and her passion was interior decorating to which her talent in this field was unparalleled.

I close this tribute with a feeling of humility as I know it was I who was the fortunate one on the day Gerri and I met in 1984 in a place called North Landing on Long Island, N.Y. I truly met the girl of my dreams on that day who was to become the greatest wife of them all. She was intelligent, loyal, beautiful, faithful, funny, a great mother to our daughters, exuded class, extremely driven and hard-working, energetic, will do anything to help others, tender, and true to the core. She inspired me in ways I could have not ever imagined possible. Her funeral was simple and carried out with the dignity she so much admired. I have lost my partner, best friend, and love of my life and will never ever be the same for the bond and love we shared was a true blessing that cannot be duplicated.

Gerri, my beautiful sweet incredible wife, you will forever be in my heart and I will love and miss you always, and may you be at peace and may God bless you.

Love always,



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