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May 16, 2017


Heidi Bright named Unsung Hero by Cincinnati’s Cancer Family Care


Cincinnati, OH—Heidi Bright, in radical remission from highly aggressive end-stage uterine sarcoma, received a 2017 Unsung Patient Hero Award from Cincinnati’s Cancer Family Care. The 15th annual ceremony for the Joslin Haggart Yeiser awards was Tuesday, May 16, at the Kingsgate Marriott.

Heidi was nominated by Tara L. Robinson, author of The Ultimate Risk (Hay House, April 2017) and publisher of Whole Living Journal. Robinson wrote, “Heidi is truly an inspiration beyond words. Not only is she an Unsung Hero because of her own personal growth work, but also because she has been determined to help others with what she learned from her experience.”

“Her book, Thriver Soup, was traditionally published and has been helping patients and families around the world ever since. I personally have been so inspired by Heidi’s story that I wrote about her in my own book, The Ultimate Risk (Hay House, April 2017) as I recounted why she was the recipient of the first Voices of Women award. … she was actually the inspiration for the creation of this award that celebrates and acknowledges outstanding achievement in personal growth and transformation….Heidi is the epitome of this award.”

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