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Helpful Resources for Caregivers



” Our families,  our good friends all help find important things
when we have lost them . . . things like our smile, our hope,
our strength, and our courage.”

Supporting one another is a huge part of this journey . . . .

Patients, their family/caregiver, along with the patient’s oncologist/medical care team –  all have an important role to play in terms of working together, communicating, and helping the patient get through a difficult diagnosis, treatment journey, and maintenance phase after treatment.  The level of teamwork makes all the difference for – for everyone involved.

In turn,  the family/caregivers need support to continue to be able to sustain coping ability.  The National Cancer Institute
Society all have valuable resource information to support and assist. Some of the information is provided below, but accessing their websites will be most beneficial.
  • When a family member is afflicted with cancer, giving care and support during this time can be difficult. Often times, caregivers have to put their feelings and needs aside to care for a person dealing with cancer, which can be taxing to their health in the long term. The National Cancer Institute has an excellent booklet on how a caregiver can take care of their self  so they can take care of others. Click on the link below to download the booklet from the National Cancer Institute :


  • The National Cancer Institute has many helpful resources for caregivers, who can benefit from helpful messages of encouragement, understanding, and guidance to keep them going in caring for their loved ones struggling with the cancer journey.


  • The American Cancer Society is another good source to find information on what to expect in caring for someone with cancer, as well as ensuring that as a caregiver, you are taking proper care of yourself:

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