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March Madness

2018  MARCH MADNESS —  As you Cheer Your Team onto the Championship;

Help our Sarcoma/LeioMyoSarcoma Team toward a Victorious Cure.

Selection Sunday      3/11       6 p.m. E.T.

First Four    3/13-14     Dayton, Ohio –   Play in games. Two winners get ranked into the tournament.

First Round Games   3/15-16    Sixty-four teams will compete in first-round games in Boise, Charlotte, Dallas, Detroit Nashville, Pittsburgh, San Diego and Wichita

Second Round Games  3/17-18   Thirty-two teams will battle it out in second-round games in the above-mentioned locations.

Sweet 16    3/22-23 Eight regional semifinal games in Atlanta, Boston, Los Angeles and Omaha.

Elite 8     3/24 – 25  Regional finals in same four cities.

The Final Four –   March 31   and Championship Game –  4/2  Final two in San Antonio

Here’s how you can help!!!! Each person at your March Madness Party or within your group, completing brackets, can be asked to donate $1.00 to LeioMyoSarcoma. Spread the word to people at the office, schools, home gatherings etc.to participate. Donations can be sent to the Foundation’s address below or online at www.nlmsf.org. Please mark check memo mm-lms so NLMSF can track the sources. Our treasurer will send you a letter and invoice. Thank you.

Would you be our Champions of Hope for this Rare Cancer and Help Spread Awareness????

LeioMyoSarcoma (LMS) is a rare cancer that begins in smooth muscle cells that grow uncontrollably and form tumors. LeioMyoSarcomas often arise in the walls of blood vessels. They can also be found in any organ that contains smooth muscle including large and small intestines, esophagus, uterus or within the abdomen ((retroperitoneal).

   Recent  Statistics:


Estimated new cases in 2017:   12,390    6,890 (male )   5,500  (female)

Estimated deaths in 2017:          4,990      2,670 (male)    2,320 ( female)

Approximately 20% of STS are LeioMyoSarcoma (LMS)

Awareness Brings Empowerment!!! Research for this Rare Cancer is the Way!!!

Any questions? Contact [email protected] President; or [email protected]

Donations accepted even if you’re not a March Madness Fan.

Click below to view and download the NCAA bracket: