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Masks for LMS Patients and Caregivers

Surgical mask | Etsy

M A S K S   FOR  L M S   P A T I E N T S   &  C A R E G I V E R S                          for your oncology appointments 

H E    N LM S F   WANTS TO HELP YOU –  SEND A NOTE TO [email protected]  or call 303  808-3437  if you would like a mask sent to you.   Send your address for mailing. These are cotton, washable masks.

Denise Reinke, CEO of the Sarcoma Coalition for Research                           Through Collaboration is sending her HANDMADE MASKS –  She has a big heart!  The NLMSF SALUTES DENISE for helping Rare Cancer Patients in this way.  

A CAREGIVER’s Grandchildren –  also handmade masks coming our way for YOU.

We Are Here for YOU in any way possible!

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