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Meal Delivery- Tips for Families


MEAL DELIVERY / PREPARATION GUIDELINES / FAMILY-FRIENDS ONLINE SIGN UP TO DELIVER MEALS  –  GOOD INFORMATION TO BE AWARE OF DURING THIS CHALLENGING TIME IN OUR LIVES –   TO HELP CANCER PATIENTS IN NEED – and if you have other resource information where you live please send me information via my email address:   [email protected].  If you have more information to share with me, please call me at 303  808-3437.  Glad to connect with you to enhance resource information on this subject.   We can all help each other!
Thank you in advance –    Annie Achee,   National LeioMyoSarcoma Foundation

A model for families to help fellow-family members  diagnosed with cancer – to deliver meals – family /friends/neighbors coming together to help – “many hands make light work!”

How to Fix Meals for Cancer Patients: 5 Steps (with Pictures)

https://www.wikihow.com/Fix-Meals-for-Cancer-Patientswww.wikihow.com/Fix-Meals-for-Cancer-PatientsIf patients are undergoing chemotherapy, there are still plenty of vitamin C-rich foods that are not highly acidic and still soft enough to chew or mash for easier consumption. These include cantaloupe, banana, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, cherries, mango and pears.

  1. Nutritious and Delicious Meal Delivery for Cancer Patients:  We work with leading chefs to create fresh, delicious cancer-fighting meals using all-natural meats, poultry, fish, dairy, fruits, vegetables, and grains. Our fresh, home-delivered meals provide a well-balanced diet and can meet the needs of a body receiving chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or other cancer treatment
  2.   .https://savorhealth.com/meal-delivery-2/
  3. Cancer Support Meal Delivery – Moms Meals:  https://www.momsmeals.com/our-food/nutrition/cancer-support/www.momsmeals.com/our-food/nutrition/cancer-supportThe cancer support menu options from Mom’s Meals all contain at least 600 calories and 25 grams of protein per meal. Each of the meals has been developed with input from registered dietitians specializing in oncology and in accordance with guidelines from the American Institute for Cancer Research.
  4. Home | Magnolia Meals At Home:  http://www.magnoliamealsathome.com/
    Magnolia Meals at Home is a meal delivery program that aims to help patients by providing nourishing meals to households affected by cancer so loved ones can spend quality time together. The program is currently available in and around Woodcliff Lake, NJ, Andover, MA, Raleigh-Durham, NC and New Haven, CT (as well as areas in New York, New Hampshire, and Boston, MA).
  5. Meals at Your Door | PearlPoint Nutrition Services®:  https://pearlpoint.org/meals-your-door-2/pearlpoint.org/meals-your-door-2To find: Search “home meal delivery for cancer patients.”. A variety of home meal delivery services will pop up when you conduct this simple internet search. Some services provide fresh meals planned specifically for persons with chronic medical issues like cancer.
  6. Providing Nutritional Meals for Cancer Patients:  Meals to Heal offers five- and seven-day meal plans, which include breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two snacks per day that cost around $8 per meal/snack. Meals can be ordered online at www.meals-to-heal.com. Ordering is tailored to the patient and his or her needs. Bratton says the company “serves all types of cancer patients
  7.  https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/meals-to-heal-healthy-home-delivered-meals-and-support-for-cancer-patients#/
  8. Get Meals – Open Arms of Minnesota:   https://www.openarmsmn.org/GetMeals/www.openarmsmn.org/GetMealsGet Meals. If you’re living with HIV/AIDS, cancer, MS, ALS, ESRD, CHF or COPD and would benefit from assistance with food, Open Arms can provide you delicious meals free of charge. We cook and deliver fresh, high-quality meals that sustain and nourish you.

FROM THE NLMSF WEBSITE –  FOUNDATION RESOURCE ASSISTANCE:  Assistance for meal plans to address treatment side effects : The following resources provide customized assistance for important phases of a cancer journey, from initial diagnosis to after treatment/maintenance. Visit the websites to learn more; direct telephone contact information is provided:

  1. Cooking with Cancer.org   (205  978-3570)
  2. Meals to Heal.org  (888-721-1041)

These organizations offer meal preparation according to your request to help minimize the side effects of chemotherapy treatment.  Certain foods have been found to reduce side effects such as loss of appetite, loss of taste and smell, fatigue, constipation, diarrhea, and more.There is consultation on foods that will boost the immune system and reduce inflammation. Online recipes and recipe videos, plus e-books are available to assist patients and offer customized nutritional counseling and meal planning. This is a support tool to take control of your nutrition to stay strong during and after treatment, and may enhance your body’s response to treatment.

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