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Survivorship Planning After Treatment is Completed

Partnering with your oncologist/oncology care team for your continued care:
Promoting quality of life after treatment with a Survivorship Care Plan can be as simple as this:


Please visit the following sites to become acquainted with what will help you to navigate issues during treatment, as well as after treatment is completed.

This information is helpful to discuss with your oncologist / medical care team.  Cancer.Net and the Americal Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) have put together wonderful, helpful guidance that will benefit you after treatment and enhance your survivorship through careful, ongoing connection with your oncology/medical care team:  The following links will take you to this important information: cancer.net/survivorship/follow-care-after-cancer-treatment/asco-cancer-treatment-and-survivorship-care-plans Here is the

ASCO Answers Guide to Survivorship, the treatment and survivorship plan is on page 12: http://www.cancer.net/sites/cancer.net/files/cancer_survivorship.pdf

From Oncology Nurse Advisor:


From Cancer.Net –  Important guidance about Survivorship and Survivorship Plans with your Oncologist/medical care team:

ASCO Cancer Treatment and Survivorship Care Plans:

ASCO developed two types of forms to help people diagnosed with cancer keep track of the treatment they received and medical care they may need in the future: a Cancer Treatment Plan and a Survivorship Care Plan.

First, an ASCO Cancer Treatment Plan is a form that provides a convenient way to store information about your cancer, cancer treatment, and follow-up care. It is meant to give basic information about your medical history to any doctors who will care for you during your lifetime.

Using the treatment plan, your current oncologist can enter the chemotherapy dose you received, the specific drugs that were used, the number of treatment cycles that were completed, surgeries done, and any additional treatment that was given, such as radiation therapy or hormonal therapy.

Second, ASCO offers a form called a Survivorship Care Plan. It contains important information about the given treatment, the need for future check-ups and cancer tests, the potential long-term late effects of the treatment you received, and ideas for improving your health.

None of these forms is intended to provide a complete medical record. And, no single treatment or survivorship care plan is appropriate for all patients due to the complexity of cancer care. Talk with your doctor for more information about your individual treatment and follow-up care. The ASCO Cancer Treatment Plan and Survivorship Care Plan should be used with the guidance of your doctor.

Watch a patient education video led by Dr. Julie Gralow explaining ASCO Cancer Treatment Plans.  (once you access the above cancern.net link).

There is so much wonderful information in all the links I have listed for you. I hope all the information provided will be helpful to you. Let me know if this was helpful to you!

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