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Survivorship Care Planning After Treatment is Completed

Partnering with your oncologist/oncology care team for your continued care is important in rebuilding quality of life after treatment with a survivorship care plan in place.

Survivorship Care Plans:

Please visit the following sites to become acquainted with what will help you to navigate issues during treatment, as well as after treatment is completed.

This information is helpful to discuss with your oncologist / medical care team.  Cancer.Net and the Americal Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) have put together wonderful, helpful guidance that will benefit you after treatment and enhance your survivorship through careful, ongoing connection with your oncology/medical care team:  The following links will take you to this important information: https://www.cancer.net/survivorship/what-survivorship

Here is the ASCO Answers Guide to Survivorship, the treatment and survivorship plan is on page 12: http://www.cancer.net/sites/cancer.net/files/cancer_survivorship.pdf

ASCO Treatment Summary and Survivorship Care Plan

Survivorship Care Planning Information