THE NLMSF's passion: C.A.R.E.

C –    Communication 
           – NLMSF DIRECT LIFELINE HOTLINE access for Patients/Caregivers/Families        
            – Weekly newsletters featuring research and support updates, well-being physically and emotionally
           – Website resource information and assistance/guidance/resources for Research updates and Clinical Trials
           – Podcasts on Specific well-being topics – coping, anxiety, resilience, caring for the caregiver, survivorship and more 

A –    Advocacy for the Patient-Family LMS Community 
          -Legislative advocacy with the Rare Disease Congressional Caucus, EveryLife Foundation, and the Rare Disease Legislative Advocates
          -Resource reach out through collaborative partnerships with sarcoma research workgroups and advocacy organizations
          -National and global meetings to attendance to represent the patient and family communities served by the Foundatio
          -The NLMSF  reached Congressional approval for National LMS Awareness Day – July 15 in 2016.

R –    Research Support / Advocacy Initiatives
         –  the NLSF-SPAEN LMS International Research Roundtable – gathering 120+ researchers from around the world,   
              with 4 workgroups in progress throughout the year to address the most pressing needs for advancing research efforts and accelerating treatment options.  
           –  Annual Funding support for well-vetted LMS-specific research projects.

E –   Education Symposia/Forums
         –  Patient-Family onsite and virtual education forums –  monthly
            with the Patient / Caregiver Advocacy Roundtable and the Survivors Inspire Peer Network group meetings.  
         –  Quarterly LMS Live – Research in  Review patient meetings with the researchers      
            to directly discuss and ask questions about  LMS -specific research presentations.