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NLMSF E-Bulletin

BULLETIN:  March 30, 3017 –  from the National Leiomyosarcoma Foundation (NLMSF)

Today, Oncologists from around the world will gather in Madrid April l  for a second edition of the International Congress Soft Tissue Sarcoma: Evidence and Experience.  This conference will cove the following topics:
–  sharing the latest developments in the management of the different types of soft tissue sarcoma (STS)
–  the differences observed in the administration of the various therapeutic options available and especially the                  important  role recommended for patients in the treatment decision making process.
–  the treatment options for the most common STS subtypes –  Leiomyosarcomas and Liposarcomas.
   The diversity of sarcoma subtypes presents a challenge in terms of the type of treatment to best combat the disease.
–  Identifying the treatment goal –  identification of a therapeutic goal according to the state of the disease – analyzing
   which approach to take for patients following surgery or for those who have already been treated previously.
–  The patient’s quality of life at the heart of the therapy –  Dr. Robin Jones will lead this discussion to address      quality of key issue in the evolution of sarcomas.
 Quality of life assessment for each patient, measured throughout the treatment relative to localized and metastatic
   sarcomas – establishing the results in such patients.
 Discussion of YonLife – a study of a  randomized prospective trial studying patients treated with Trabectedin,    and the impact on quality of life based on being cared for by a multidisciplinary team or a conventional              team. This study will be completed in December, and will measure whether a change occurs in the                      measurement o  the quality of life in patients after nine weeks of treatment.
–  Patients’ decision-making power – in line with the importance of quality of life during the treatment of sarcomas
   Analysis of how the disease is experienced from the patient’s perspective.
The international Conference bringing together oncologists from around the world will also discuss this:
“It has been noted that the major problem for patients is that in many cases they cannot receive treatment from a sarcoma specialist because they lack access to the networks of health professionals and centers that specialize in this.”  –  from Pr.Le Cesne, Chief Herault Medical Oncology Unit.
Pr. Le Cesne underlines the importance of decisions about treatment to be taken by a multidisciplinary team that includes the patient for all stages of the disease.
Further results from this conference will be provided . . . .the topics are so very important to us all and this is very exciting to know that such topics are the platform for global discussion, especially in highlighting Leiomyosaromas and Liposarcomas.   The YonLife study will be monitored and more information will follow from the NLMSF.
Thank you all –
Annie Achee
National Leiomyosarcoma Foundation (NLMSF)