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Post an honor rose for Valentine’s Day


Post a beautiful HONOR ROSE, with a special message from your heart for someone special in your life  –  who made a difference in your life, one who continues to inspire your world every day.
Pick the color of rose that represents your special someone, or if all the colors need to be represented,  make a bouquet!
  • Red – love/beauty
  • Yellow – friendship/joy
  • Peach – desire/excitement
  • Pink – gentility/admiration
  • White – innocence/purity

From: Charles Bartholomew
To: Sandra Bartholomew

"No words can express my thanks for all your love and care. Love you always in all ways"

From: Mary Anne Oldford
To: Sunflower Friends
"Sending healing energy and positive vibes to all the Members of the Sarcoma Sunflower Brigade!"
From: Mary Anne Oldford

To: Annie and Mitch Achee

"Sending positive thoughts and many heartfelt thanks for all your doing to support LMS"

From: Mary Anne Oldford

To: Cindy Steinhoff

From: Mary Anne Oldford

To: Lori Baylis McCourt

"Sending lots of love and hugs out to a special lady that is so brave!"
From: Sarah Salem-Robinson

To: Karen Galler

"Thinking of you on Valentine\'s"
From: Sarah ROBINSON

To: Karen Symth

"Your always on my mind and heart, especially during difficult times."
From: Heidi

To: Tristan

"Love you... miss you."
From: Heidi

To: Tiffany

"Love you..."