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Rare Artist Reception Photos

The Rare Artist Reception, a most important event of  the 2017 Rare Disease Week in Washington, D.C. showcased Rare Disease artists from 2015 and 2016 entries. The artists of these beautiful artworks are patients – of all ages, in the US and Canada.  Very heartwarming messages are provided along with each art piece, making it so meaningful by the symbolic expression of the rendered artwork.

12-year-old artist from Toronto Canada honoring her service dog Tory

This self-portrait symbolizes the power of the mind to conquer a disease /disability challenge of a rare disease.

 “Ten Redefined” is a depiction of the sudden, intense pain of a debilitating disease that challenges one’s state of mind and body.

“Zebras Matter,” a revelation of the body and mind . . . what is within.

 “Comfortable in my Shell”   – from a patient who has three different rare diseases
“Waterlilies” to raise awareness about a rare disease which affected the artist and her mother.

 “Girl With a Pearl Earring.”  recreated by the artist who was inspired by a renowned artist with the same titled painting.


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