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Side Effects

The information you need when you’re starting chemo or managing chemotherapy side effects.
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Nadir and the Side Effects of Chemotherapy – Verywell


Dec 26, 2017  Nadir is a term that refers to the lowest point of anything. When used in reference to chemotherapy, it describes the point when blood cell counts are at their lowestafter a chemotherapy treatment. It is commonly referred as the nadir period or simply nadir among healthcare workers and patients. More »

NCI guidance on managing side effects during cancer treatment:

This site will provide guidance on:
1.  Infection and Neutropenia
2.  Ways to prevent infection
3.  Talking with your health care team to prepare for your appointment
4.  Related resources on:
          – managing chemotherapy side effects; infection
          – nutrition in cancer care
          – preventing infections during cancer treatment
          – clinical trials for infection

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