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SIDE EQ-Patients Registry

Side Effects And Symptom Management Resource Assistance
The Free, Interactive platform, which enables patients to track and manage their side effects –  knowing in advance, in preparation for cancer treatment, hearing from others during cancer treatment – to improve the quality of life and thrive after treatment is completed.
Patients and caregivers can input, track, and share their side effects through a personalized dashboard as well as learn helpful tips and best practices from top healthcare professionals and other patients. A win-win for patients to learn from each other – share information that can help and receive supportive information from the medical community as well.   The LINK: https://www.mysideeq.org/

This helpful program is brought to you through the collaborative partnership with the Life Raft Group who originated SIDE EQ,  and the National Leiomyosarcoma Foundation –  keeping its promise to bridge resources to assist patients and their families.  We are grateful to the LifeRaft Group.

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CANCER.NET also provides side effects management information: