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Caregiver Traits

Acknowledging the Special traits of Caregivers


Trying to understand what the loved one is experiencing and responding to that. Natural empathy and compassion –  gentleness draws us together.


“Patience is a virtue” – still remains true! Patience while caregiving enhances calmness to be able to help with treatment side effects and pain management.


Our loved ones are depending on us to travel in the treatment journey with them as much as possible.  Being dependable is a balancing act with trying to remain independent.  Making a plan on how we will be there with our loved one is key to day to day/week to week routine so that we remain reliable and dependable to follow through caregiving commitment.


Great routines established . . . may from time to time require change.  Here again, reliability and flexibility are a balance.  Moods, care needs, abilities, behaviors – all play a part in the “routine.”   Empathy and patience come into play once again.

ASCO –  Cancer.Net Article to support caregivers in a stressful time: