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THE SARC RESEARCH ADVOCACY COUNCIL-” “Representing Patients/Families/Caregivers”


The NLMSF is a member of the  SARC Research Advocacy Council tobring the voice of LMS patient community  to the table through to:

*  Developing recommendations and providing input based on experience and understanding of treatment protocols.

*  Developing recommendations to enhance programs and activities that may currently be experiencing barriers to implementation.

*  Disseminating to patients available trial information and distribute research findings once trials are completed.

One Comment on “THE SARC RESEARCH ADVOCACY COUNCIL-” “Representing Patients/Families/Caregivers”

  1. hi, I recieved my diagnosis of Leiomyosarcoma just a couple of hours ago.. I am stunned, devastated.
    I am a 57 year old 2vx breast cancer survivor. Age 29 I received radiation which my surgeon believes may have caused the tumor in the area of my lumpectomy/ subsequent mastectomy scar.

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