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Uplifting Message

What the short story “Exodus” shows us about ourselves | Chasing The Sun

* Peace can be an anchor . . . a place of power from within*  Choose to try to temper and balance positivity in the face of the current reality –
  Certain to be a challenge but it is possible 

*  Make the most of the day – from the time you wake up – start the day with something that can give you a ray of hope and grace for the day and for tomorrow and the next day after that . .  . .

*  Think about the good in your life that you have experienced and those around you that made difference and enriched your life, past and present.*  Give yourself the chance to reprioritize what is important in your life –      reconnecting with family members;  friends – reaching out to them is a gift you give yourself

*  Make way to re-order our lives –  helping someone and by doing so we are rewarding ourselves, knowing we were able to make a difference for others, and, by helping them get through a challenging time – we are able to create a different perspective to manage our fears, anxiety, and worry by caring enough to care about others.

*We have courage, hope, resilience, and strength – as survivors of disease . . . we have what it takes – more than we know.

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