Your Voice Matters!

Your advocacy makes a significant impact!

Empower your voice in advocacy and let your actions count for what truly matters.

There are countless avenues for making a positive impact – whether it’s sharing your insights, offering tips on survivorship, providing perspectives to inspire others on their LMS journey, or supporting LMS Research funding. Each contribution, big or small, holds significant weight and truly matters! Your voice and compassionate support are highly valued.

Empower yourself with positive and proactive strategies to advocate effectively and ensure your voices are not just heard, but resonantly impactful.

"CAREGIVING COUNTS" - A Roundtable for Patient-Caregiver Advocacy:

Providing insights and recommendations to elevate the standard of care from diagnosis to the end of treatment, drawing from personal experiences. Engage in an interactive session with the chance for questions and answers.

The Network for Patient Perspectives in Clinical Trials:

formerly known as Survivors Inspire Peer Network. Join us as we exchange valuable insights for new patients considering participation in clinical trials. Gain firsthand perspectives from those currently in trials or who have successfully completed them. Hear their stories, learn, and share experiences to empower and inform.




The Survivorship Planning Care Clinic Series:

Unlocking the Significance of Implementing Survivorship Care Plans:

Patients have the autonomy to kickstart this process independently, facilitated by the NLMSF, and later refine it in collaboration with their oncology/non-oncology care teams. This initiative is designed to enhance the long-term Quality of Life post-treatment and even during the treatment phase. We share crucial insights and pivotal considerations throughout the journey, complemented by guest speakers with expertise in the field who provide guidance and engage in insightful Q&A sessions.

Insights and Testimonials from Patients:

Inspire courage and resilience in others by sharing your thoughts and delivering an inspirational message to those who are newly diagnosed.

The LMS Lifeline Buddy Program:

Offering your time as a Companion to someone who has shared a comparable LMS experience and treatment journey, fostering connections through thoughtful matching.

Support the Cause – Volunteer for a Project:

Let’s collaboratively create an informative awareness session, complete with a patient panel discussion, whether or not we include experts in the field. Together, let’s make a meaningful impact on our LMS Patient-Family Communities

Let's Achieve This Together!

As crucial stakeholders in this endeavor, we hold the key to propelling these initiatives forward. Together, we can harness the power of patient-driven involvement by contributing secure and de-identified tumor tissue, patient data, and actively championing research funding. Let’s unite and become a formidable force in advancing research.

Elevate Research through Fundraising:

Championing LMS Research to expedite Precision Research, propel more clinical trials, and ultimately broaden treatment options for accelerated development of Targeted Therapies in LMS. Leverage the Circle of Giving to simplify and enhance our collective impact!