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Laura Lavezzo Carrico, 52, of Cumming, GA was a loving wife, daughter, sister, niece, aunt, and dear friend to many.  She passed away on January 7, 2024, after a four-and-a-half-year battle with Leiomyosarcoma.  Laura underwent every chemo and radiation treatment offered to her and approached all of it with determination, humor, and positivity.  Friends enjoyed her Facebook posts updating about her journey, and she was an inspiration to all who knew her. 

Laura endured grueling chemo treatments, radiation, a lung lobectomy, and photodynamic light therapy.  Some of these were incredibly difficult and presented new health challenges like pneumonia and atrial fibrillation. Despite very few breaks in between treatments, she was always willing and accepting of the new plan of treatment even though it was not easy on her or her closest relations to digest what she would have to go through.  She was very scientific in her understanding of the treatment processes and put that knowledge first before acting emotionally about what was next.  This and her strength and bravery always amazed her family.  Her treatment plans were reviewed and discussed at national meetings with other oncologists and prestigious groups of physicians to determine the best options.  She felt rewarded that she would be a part of the scientific research that could help others with LMS in the future.  She always showed grace and appreciation to the physicians who helped her along the way and her doctors admired her fearlessness.

Laura was born on July 11, 1971, in Washington, DC to parents Paul and Sheryl Lavezzo, and was raised in Silver Spring, MD before moving to Cumming, GA in 1997.  She met the love of her life, husband Mike in 1992, where they worked together at Audubon Naturalist Society.  They were married on June 20, 1999, for a wonderful 24 years.  She was the oldest of five children: Jennie Lavezzo Eade (Colin), Adam Lavezzo (Kimberly Hanley), Nate Lavezzo and Joy Lavezzo Katz (Brent).  She is also survived by sisters-in-law Shelley Ashby and Stephanie Strout as well as several nieces and nephews who adored her.

She received her education from the University of Maryland where she graduated with a degree in marine biology, and at Brenau University where she earned a teaching certificate.  She was the Lifestyle Editor of the Forsyth County News before becoming a beloved elementary and middle school teacher for over 20 years.  

Laura spent a lot of time teaching her niece arts and crafts. She was a very talented, self-taught mixed media artist with an emphasis in paper crafting. She was a naturally curious person, who loved nature and all things science.  She was a wonderful cook and wrote beautifully.  Laura was a gentle spirit with a generous heart.  She loved her family more than anything and they loved her even more.  



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