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Barbara Esther Olson, was a loving and proud mother, grammy, aunt, and cousin to many close family members. On July 16, 2022, at home surrounded by her loved ones, Barb passed away after a 10-month fight with leiomyosarcoma. It seems there are never the right words or enough words to appropriately encompass the loss of someone so close and so important to you, especially when their passing feels so random and untimely. She was a guiding light of love, compassion, and service to many, and her memory is a beautiful influence to how we will move on with our lives now that she’s passed on. Barb was born February 1, 1949, in Geneseo, IL. She was the daughter of Hubert and Dorothy (Stewart) Olson. Barb grew up on a farm in Osco, IL and moved with her family to Cambridge to finish high school following the sudden loss of her father. Barb graduated from the University of Illinois Chicago, and highlights of her working career were managing a hotel in the Orlando, FL area and owning a large cleaning business for over 25 years in the Quad Cities area.

She loved to travel and visited China, England, Italy, and most states throughout the USA. She also enjoyed participating in book clubs, card clubs, playing mahjong, being active in church life, hosting parties, and especially enjoyed daily life with her beloved grandchildren. She was a member of PEO Chapter LH. Her greatest joy was spending time with family and friends. She made everyone feel important and loved, even on our toughest days. Barb had a rich 73 years of life, years of countless hugs, fits of snorting laughter, misremembered song lyrics, tears, amazing hugs, stories, and boundless generosity. The memory of her laugh and joy will continue to bring smiles to our faces for all of the years to come. 

Those left to honor her memory are her sister Joann Munson, Kirkwood, MO; brother Pat (MaryAnn) Murphy, Surprise, AZ; daughters Christine (Kurt) Zimmerman, Bettendorf, IA and Abigail Souder, Iowa City, IA; grandchildren Cameron and Kaitlin Zimmerman; as well as her dear nieces. We miss you everyday Barb. Thank you for the gift of your life and your love, shared with us. 


























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Ongoing Tribute Funds

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3. Snyder Strong Tribute Fund

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  • Amdor, NelvaThe Nelva Amdor Research Fund
  • Ansara, KarenFriends and Family of Karen Ansara Fund
  • Anthony, JamesIn Memory of James L. Anthony, Ph. D. 
  • Ardery, EdwardIn Honor of Edward Ardery
  • Arlein, Gay AnnFriends & Family of Gay Ann Arlein Memorial Fund
  • Arnold, MariettaFriends of Marietta Arnold Fund
  • Arzac, Alicia M. – In Loving Memory of Alicia M. Arzac Memorial Fund
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  • Bailey, WarrenThe Warren Bailey LMS Research Fund
  • Bakst, IraIn Memory of Ira Bakst Fund
  • Bannock, JodiIn Loving Memory of Jodi Bannock Fund
  • Barber, WalterThe Walter Barber LMS Memorial Fund
  • Bariski, JimFriends of Jim Bariski
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  • Beaver, Janie T. – The Janie T. Beaver LMS Research Fund
  • Beckcom, SandraFriends & Family of Sandra Beckcom
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  • Benedict, Richard “Ben”In Loving Memory of Richard “Ben” Benedict Fund
  • Benson, Robert E. – The Robert E. Benson Memorial Fund
  • Biagini-Phillips, MelissaThe Friends & Family of Melissa Biagini-Phillips Fund
  • Bieber, JohnIn Loving Memory of John Bieber
  • Binghi, Mary AnnThe Friends & Family of Mary Ann Binghi Fund
  • Bivens, SueIn Memory of Sue Bivens
  • Blodgett, SamanthaResearch Fund in Celebration of Samantha Blodgett
  • Bochicco, SusanThe Susan Bochicco LMS Research Fund
  • Booth, DianeThe Diane Booth Fund for LMS Research
  • Bouchez, Susan – In Loving Memory of Susan Bouchez
  • Bowser, Michelle Ann Michelfelder – The Michelle Ann Michelfelder Bowser Memorial Fund
  • Brossman, Nancy – In Loving Memory of Nancy Brossman
  • Brown, ChristinaIn Memory of Christina Brown Fund
  • Brown, FredaIn Memory of Freda Brown
  • Brown, JanetThe Jane Brown “Let’s Inspire Life” Fund
  • Brown, RonIn Memory of Ron Brown
  • Bunge, CynthiaFriends & Family of Cynthia Bunge Fund
  • Burgess, John H.The John H. Burgess Research Fund
  • Burke-Bedsaul, GeriThe Geri Burke-Bedsaul Fund
  • Burnham, Dawn  In Memory of Dawn Burnham
  • Buschiazzo, Janice – In Memory of Janice Buschiazzo
  • Carnovale, AssuntaThe Assunta Carnovale LMS Memorial Fund
  • Chamberlain, Marian – The Marian Chamberlain Memorial Fund
  • Cluff, ElaineIn Memory of Elaine Cluff
  • Cohen-Doyle, MyrnaFriends & Family of Myrna Cohen-Doyle Fund
  • Collins, BrendaThe Brenda F. Collins Research Fund
  • Collins, ChristyThe Friends & Family of Christy Collins Fund
  • Collo, NancyIn Honor of Nancy Collo for her Strength & Perseverance
  • Comintinia, GinaIn Honor & Support of Gina Comintinia
  • Conroy, CarolynIn Honor of Carolyn Conroy
  • Conroy, Carolyn – In Memory of Carolyn Conroy
  • Cooper, Melanie Diane Mott – The Melanie Diane Mott Cooper Memorial Fund
  • Coronado, Carolyn – The Carolyn Coronado LMS Memorial Fund 
  • Copplestone, SarahIn Honor & Support of Sarah Copplestone
  • Corkhill, Patricia  In Memory of Patricia Simon Corkhill
  • Cowen, JaniceIn Honor of Janice Cowen Fund
  • Creviston Sr., David J. – The David J. Creviston, Sr. Memorial Fund
  • Crowhurts, Judi Sansom – In Memory of Judi Sansom Crowhurts
  • Curley, EdnaIn Honor of Edna Curley
  • Daniel, Therese Aileene Conway – In Memory of Therese Aileene Conway Daniel
  • Darst, MindyIn Friendship & Support of Mindy Darst Fund
  • Davis Jr., Harry J. – In Loving Memory of Harry J. Davis, Jr.
  • DeCrocer, GeraldThe Gerald DeCroce LMS Memorial Fund
  • DennyThe Running for Denny Fund
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  • Dibella, MaryThe Mary Dibella Fund
  • Dobson, NanaIn Loving Memory of Nana Dobson
  • Doebler, JenineIn Honor of Jenine Doebler, With Love From Your Friends & Family
  • Dorrell, Betty – Betty Dorrell Memorial Fund
  • Dreckmann, John – In Loving Memory of John Dreckmann
  • Driscoll, Mark – The Mark Driscoll LMS Research Fund
  • Dusseau, DougFriends of Doug “Fuzzy” Dusseau
  • Duvall, SandraSandra Duvall Moore Memorial Fund
  • Edmunds, David – The David Edmunds Memorial Fund
  • Eitington, EllenThe Ellen Eitington Fund
  • Engen, MichellleIn Memory of Michelle Engen
  • Ennis, JudyThe Judy Ennis Memorial LMS Research Fund
  • Ernest, Prudence E. The Prudence E. Ernest LMS Research Fund
  • Estoff, CindyIn Support of Our Mother- The Cindy Estoff LMS Research Fund
  • Evands, Leslie – The Friends & Family of Leslie Evans Fund
  • Everhart, Jan – The Jan Everhart Memorial LMS Fund
  • Faggard, ThelmaIn Memory of Thelma Faggard
  • Ferguson, EileenThe Eileen Ferguson LMS Research Fund
  • Fienman, Karyn B. – The Karen B. Fienman Fund
  • Fischer, DonnaThe Donna Fisher Fund
  • Fixel, JoniThe Friends & Family of Joni Fixel LMS Research Fund
  • Fordham, R. DavidIn Loving Memory of R. David Fordham
  • Fowler, Lee The Lee Fowler Memorial Fund
  • Fox, HelenMemory of Helen Fox
  • Frank II, PhilipPhilip Frank, II Memorial Fund
  • Freyholtz, LoisMemory of Lois Freyholtz
  • Frigilana, BarbaraThe Barbara Frigillana LMS Research Fund
  • Froling, DianaFriends of Diana Froling
  • Fulper, Mary – In Loving Memory of Mary Fulper
  • Fyfe, Marie LIn Loving Memory of Marie L. Fyfe
  • Gage, JanetThe Jane Gage Memorial Fund
  • Galvin, Dorothy E. – In Memory of Dorothy E. Galvin Fund
  • Gayder, NancyCassandra LMS Research Fund
  • Gaylor, K.D. – The K.D. Gaylor LMS Memorial Fund
  • Gero, RickiFriends & Family of Ricki Gero Fund
  • Giegerich, DonnalynThe Donnalyn Giegerich LMS Research Fund
  • Gilkerson, Estelle M. – The Estelle M. Gilkerson Memorial Fund
  • Gill, DianaFriends of Diana Gill
  • Goldberg, BeverlyIn Loving Memory of Beverly Goldberg
  • Gomez, MonikaThe Monika Gomez Charitable Trust Fund
  • Gordon, BonnieIn Loving Memory of Bonnie Gordon
  • Greenwell, BarbaraIn Loving Memory of Barbara Greenwell Research Fund
  • Greseth, GayleIn Loving Memory, Family & Friends of Gayle Greseth
  • Grondin, DianeThe Love Diane LMS Memorial Fund
  • Hackett, CherylIn Loving Memory of Cheryl Hackett Fund
  • Hamilart, HobartIn Memory of Hobart Hamilton
  • Hammond, SonnyIn Memory of Sonny Hammond
  • Harkinds, ConstanceThe Constance Harkins Fund
  • Hanover, LaurieIn Loving Memory of Laurie Hanover
  • Haser, Ellen S. – Ellen S. Haser Memorial Fund
  • Hayward, ChrisThe Chris & Dawn Hayward Wedding Fund
  • Hayward, ChrisFriends & Family of Chris Hayward Fund
  • Hazelwood, Beverly BreclingIn Honor of Beverly Brecling Hazelwood
  • Heath, AnnFamily and Friends of Ann Heath Memorial Fund
  • Hedlund O.D., Daniel L. – The Daniel L. Hedlund, O.D. Memorial Fund
  • Hedreen, Nita Gardner – The Nita Gardner Hedreen Memorial Fund
  • Hefferson, Erin S. – In Memory of Erin S. Hefferson
  • Henshall, HelenThe Helen Henshall Trust
  • Hetherington OrlandIn Memory of Orland Hetherington Fund
  • Heywood, LaraLara Heywood LMS Research Fund
  • Hoag, NancyIn Memory of Nancy Hoag
  • Hollis, BernadetteBernadette M Hollis LMS Research Fund
  • Holmes, “Tudy”Friends and Family of “Tudy” Holmes
  • Horan, JoeFriends & Family of Joe Horan
  • Houston, Ruthie – In Memory of Ruthie Houston
  • Hunt, MarciaThe Marcia Hunt Memorial Fund
  • Hvolbeck, Mary AnnIn Loving Memory of Rose Trembone
  • Hvolbeck, Mary AnnIn Loving Memory of Mary Ann Hvolbeck LMS Research Fund
  • Ingrassia, ElisabethMemory of Elisabeth Ingrassia
  • Ingram, Sherry – The Sherry Ingram Memorial Fund
  • Jacobs, Neal C. – In Loving Memory of Neal C. Jacobs
  • Jacobson, Janet C. – The Janet C. Jacobson Memorial Fund
  • Jemelka, KathyKathy Jemelka Memorial Fund
  • Johns, HattieThe Friends & Family of Hattie Johns Fund
  • Johns, PhilipThe Friends of Philip Johns Fund
  • Johnson, AngieFriends & Family of Angie Johnson Fund
  • Johnson, JilleneIn Memory of Jillene Johnson Fund
  • Johnston, Bob – In Memory of Bob Johnston
  • Johnston, CharlesThe Charles Johnston LMS Memorial Research Fund
  • Joly, Maureen The Maureen Joly Memorial Fund
  • Jones, Deborah Davis – The Deborah Davis Jones Memorial Fund
  • Kahn-Denis, Kathleen B.The Kathleen B. Kahn-Denis Memorial Fund
  • Kavanaugh, CorinneThe Corinne Kavanaugh Memorial Fund
  • Kehoe, DerekIn Loving Memory of Derek Kehoe Research Fund
  • Kelley, Hanford “Pete” – The Hanford “Pete” Kelley Memorial Fund
  • Kennedy, Dennis L. – In Memory of Dennis L. Kennedy
  • Khalandi, Jafar – The Jafar Khalandi Memorial Fund
  • Kloss, LisaIn Loving Memory of Lisa Rae Kloss
  • Kochenderfer, VirginiaThe Virginia Kochenderfer Honorary Fund
  • Kreamer, RhondaFriends of Rhonda Kreamer
  • Krokstrom, OksanaOksana Krokstrom Research Fund
  • Kurtis, DebbieIn Loving Memory of Debbie Kurtis
  • LaDonnaIn Loving Memory of LaDonna
  • Lao, DavidFriends & Family of David Lao
  • Lash, “J.D.”The “J.D” Lash Memorial Fund
  • Lavender, DebThe Deb Lavender Memorial LeioMyoSarcoma Research Fund
  • Lewis, BarbaraIn Honor of Barbara Lewis, With Love From Your Friends & Family 
  • Lettow, ChristineThe Christine Lettow Fund
  • Lippi, KathyIn Loving Memory Of Kathy Lippi
  • Lloyd, PattiThe Patti Lloyd Tri4 Awareness Fund
  • Lloyd, RichardThe Richard Lloyd Memorial Research Fund
  • Lubic, Patricia Ann – In Loving Memory of Patricia Ann Lubic Memorial Fund
  • Madigan, DavidThe David Madigan LMS Research Fund
  • Magri, Dolores Helen – The Dolores Helen Magri Memorial Fund
  • Maier, JerryThe Heather Maier LMS Fund in Memory of Jerry Maier
  • Malek, Wendy A.The Wendy A. Malek Fund
  • Malek, Wendy A.The Wendy A. Malek LMS Research Fund
  • MangiaracinaThe Melissa & Michael Mangiaracina Wedding Fund
  • Marie, Frank – The Frank Marie Memorial Fund
  • Marks, Jennifer – In Loving Memory of Jennifer Marks
  • Martin, JoanThe Joan Martin Memorial Fund
  • Martineau, Colleen Kersey – The Colleen Kersey Martineau Memorial Fund
  • Martinez, DeborahFriends of Deborah Martinez
  • Matthews, JimIn Honor of Jim Matthews
  • McCarthy, Nancy TaylorIn Loving Memory of Nancy Taylor McCarthy Fund
  • McCollough, Glenis PatriciaThe Glenis Patricia McCollough Memorial LMS Research Fund, In Loving Memory of Glenny Penny
  • McDaniel, DebbieIn Loving Memory of Debbie McDaniel
  • McDonough, BettyThe Betty McDonough Memorial Research Fund
  • McGaw, GloriaIn Memory of Gloria McGaw
  • McGuire, EllenThe Ellen McGuire Memorial LMS Research Fund
  • McGurl, DannyThe Danny McGurl LMS Research Fund
  • McKenzie, Ellen – In Loving Memory of Ellen McKenzie
  • McNamara, KathyIn Loving Memory of Kathy McNamara
  • McNeil-Smith, AngelaFriends and Family of Angela McNeil-Smith Fund
  • McShane, MildredIn Memory of Mildred McShane
  • Melitsky, JoanIn Memory of Joan Melitsky
  • Meller, JudyThe Friends of Judy Meller Fund
  • Meszaros, VicThe Vic Meszaros LMS Research Fund
  • Michaud, SandraIn Memory of Sandra Michaud Fund
  • Miller, TheresaFriends & Family of Theresa Miller
  • Milliken, Minot “Kim”In Memory of Minot “Kim” Milliken
  • Monaghan, BrianThe Brian Monagham Fund
  • Moore, BettyThe Betty Moore Memorial Fund
  • Moore, Teresa YanceyIn Honor of Teresa Yancey Moore Fund
  • Moran, KathleenIn Loving Memory of Kathleen M Moran
  • Morgan, ChrisFriends of Chris Morgan
  • Morse, Victoria – The Vicki Morse Memorial Fund
  • Moulds, D JaneSlay the LMS Dragon, D Jane Moulds
  • Nash, CynthiaIn Memory of Cynthia Nash
  • Neville, Karen A. – The Karen A. Neville Memorial Fund
  • Nicholson, JoanneThe Joanne Nicholson Fund
  • Nowicki, SueSlay the Dragon for Sue Nowicki Fund
  • Nussbaum, Frances “Fritzi”In Memory of Frances “Fritzi” Nussbaum
  • Nye, KaraThe Kara Nye LMS Research Fund
  • Olsen, JanisThe Janis Olsen LMS Memorial Fund
  • Owens, Jodi – In Loving Memory of Jodi Owens
  • Padma, Atluri“Team Padma”
  • Parker, Linda Pennington In Loving Memory of Linda Pennington Parker
  • Parker, MarleneThe Friends & Family of Marlene Parker Fund
  • Peck, KayeIn Memory of Kaye Peck
  • PeipertThe Peipert Fund
  • Pelella, Linda – In Loving Memory of Linda Pelella
  • Pennington, TamiTami Pennington Memorial Fund
  • Peragallo, DawnFriends & Family of Dawn Peragallo
  • Perry, Jean S.The Jean S. Perry Memorial Research Fund
  • Peterson, David – The David Peterson LMS Awareness & Research Fund
  • Phillips, MelissaThe Friends & Family of Melissa Biagini-Phillips Fund
  • Piasecki, LindaThe Friends & Family of Linda Piasecki Fund
  • Plochocki, GailIn Loving Memory of Gail Plochocki Fund
  • Porta, DavidIn Memory of David Porta
  • Prestine, Kathleen – The Kathleen Prestine Fund
  • Price, GaryThe Gary R. Price Memorial Fund
  • Price, MauriceIn Loving Memory of Maurice Price LMS Research Fund
  • (With Love from your Sue and Your Girls from the UK)
  • Princess LeoraThe Princess Leora Fund
  • Provard, ShyrlThe Shyrl Provard Memorial Fund
  • Puhekker, EileenIn Loving Memory of Eileen Puhekker
  • Radusinovich, Lynnette CarolIn Loving Memory of Lynette Carol Radusinovich Research Fund
  • Raggio, PhilIn Loving Memory of Phil Raggio
  • Rappaport, DavidThe David Rappaport Memorial LMS Research Fund
  • Rehder, Amalia “Molly” V. – The Amalia “Molly” V. Rehder Memorial Fund
  • Riches, BarbaraThe Barbara Riches LMS Memorial Fund
  • Rigg, Jo AnneIn Love & Support of Jo Anne Rigg Fund
  • Ritter, DeborahThe Friends & Family of Deborah Ritter Fund
  • Rivera-Alicea, DaisyThe Daisy Rivera-Alicea “Esperanza/Hope Fund for LMS Research
  • Roby, John T. – In Memory of John T. Roby
  • Robinson, TheresaFriends of Theresa Robinson
  • Kylene Roth & Robert Sanders Wedding FundIn Loving Memory of Derek Kehoe
  • Roman, Debra J.The Debra J. Roman Memorial Fund
  • Rooney, SueThe Family & Friends of Sue Rooney Fund
  • Rossman, JoanneIn Loving Memory & Honor of Joanne Rossman
  • Rothgeb, BJThe BJ Rothgeb Memorial Fund
  • Rounding, BetsyThe Betsy Rounding Fund
  • Ryon, ChristyThe Christy Ryon Fund for Research
  • Sade, JennyThe Jenny Sade Memorial LMS Research Fund
  • Samarenda, BaksiIn Memory of Samarenda Baksi Fund
  • Sanchez, BerthaIn Loving Memory of Bertha Sanchez
  • Sapp, Kay – In Loving Memory of Kay Sapp
  • Saunders-Files, ArdethFriends of Ardeth Saunders-Files
  • Schmidt, PhyllisThe Friends & Family of Phyllis Schmidt
  • Schriner, MichaelThe Michael Schriner Sarcoma Research Fund
  • Schwartz, Joseph BarryThe Joseph Barry LMS Research Fund
  • Scorza, Deborah AnneThe Deborah Anne Scorza Fund for LMS Research
  • Seitel, KarenThe Karen Seitel LMS Research Fund
  • Selzer – The Suzanne and Maz Selzer Fund
  • Seprak, MarkaThe Marka Seprak Memorial Fund
  • Shealy, Jeanie – The Jeanie Shealy Memorial Fund
  • Sibert, Suzanne – In Loving Memory of Suzanne Sibert
  • Siegel, SuzieFriends of Suzie Siegel
  • Siegriest, NancyNancy Siegriest Memorial Fund
  • Sikoryak-AuroriIn Loving Memory of Jacqueline Sikoryak-Aurori
  • Simons, Debra A.The Debra A. Simmons LMS Research Fund
  • Simpson, Barbara Flower The Barbara Flower Simpson Memorial Fund
  • Simpson, SethIn Loving Memory of Seth Simpson
  • Siragusa, JudithIn Loving Memory of Betsy Slate
  • Siroshton, PhyllisIn Memory of Phyllis Siroshton
  • Snow, KatrinaIn Support of Katrina Snow
  • Speyer, PatriciaFriends & Family of Patricia (Pat) Speyer Fund
  • Spillman, TedIn Memory of Ted Spillman
  • Squires, George – In Fond Memory of George Squires
  • Stanfield, Diana – In Memory of Diana Stanfield
  • Stevens, LesThe Les Stevens LMS Research Fund
  • Stewart, Tara – In Memory of Tara Stewart
  • Stieglitz, BettyThe Friends and Family of Betty Stieglitz LMS Research Fund
  • Strahlendorf, Gerry – The Gerry Strahlendorf Memorial Fund
  • Strelbski, Jr. ThomasThe Thomas Strelbski, Jr. LMS Memorial Research Fund
  • Sweetland, Amy – In Honor of Amy Sweetland Fund
  • Swonguer, MauriceThe Maurice Swonguer LMS Research Fund
  • Tam, Raquel Y. – In Loving Memory of Raquel Y. Tam
  • Taylor, Susan M.In Loving Memory of Susan M. Taylor
  • Tetrault, Jacqueline J.The Jacqueline J. Tetrault Fund
  • Thomas, Dawn – The Dawn Thomas Memorial Fund
  • Tinucci, CharlotteThe Charlotte Tinucci LMS Fund
  • Titus, Susan – The Susan Titus Memorial Fund
  • Tomchik, JohnIn Memory of John Tomchik
  • Tornichia, BarbaraThe Barbara Tornichia LMS Research Fund
  • Tricca, LouiseThe Louise Tricca LMS Memorial Fund
  • Turner, DaleThe Dale Turner LMS Research Fund
  • Turner, DaleThe Friends and Family of Dale Turner Fund
  • Turner, DianeIn Memory of Diane Turner
  • VanDyke, Nina – The Nina VanDyke Memorial Fund
  • Varni, MarleneIn Loving Memory of Marlene Varni
  • Vendetti, CarmenIn Loving Memory
  • Verdugo, PatriciaIn Loving Memory of Patricia Louise Verdugo
  • Villano, JulieFriends & Family of Julie Villano Fund
  • Voll, Sheila – The Sheila Voll Memorial Fund
  • Von Storch, KenThe Ken Von Storch Fund
  • Ward, DavidDavid Ward LMS Research Fund
  • Warner, SusieIn Memory of Susie Warner LMS Research Fund
  • Webster, William “Butch” – The William “Butch” Webster Memorial Fund
  • Weisman, LuAnn – The LuAnn Weisman Memorial Fund
  • Werner, Jimmy – Memory of Jimmy Werner
  • Westfield, CrystalIn Honor of Crystal Westfield
  • White, Kieara – The Kieara A. White LeioMyoSarcoma Research Fund
  • Willis, ElaineThe Elaine Willis LMS Memorial Fund
  • Wilson, Glenn – The Glenn Wilson Fund
  • Witmer, PatriciaIn Honor of Patricia “Pat” Witmer
  • Witte, AntoniaThe Antonia Witte Fund
  • Wolder, Gordon Eric, Jr. – In Memory of Gordon Eric Wolder Jr. 
  • Wright, RussellIn Memory of Russell Wright


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