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Randi Mitchell passed away peacefully on May 17, 2023, at age 61, after a long and hard fight against cancer. Randi was the proud mother of Jennifer and Samantha, and the loving daughter of Carole Goldfarb and the late Gerald and Judith Goldfarb. Randi is survived by her siblings Daniel (Lisa), Bruce (Ellen), Melissa (Allen), and Barbara (Jay).

Randi can best be described as a ray of sunshine. She lived life to the fullest, lighting up every room she walked into with her energy, positivity, and her zest for life!

Her kindness radiated around her. Randi dedicated her life to helping others, with a particular passion for helping the elderly. During her 36 years in the Home Care industry, she always went the extra mile ensuring that all of her clients received the personal Randi touch with a genuine smile. But her generosity didn’t stop at work. Randi’s ‘random acts of kindness’ were far from random, but the norm; she was the one buying strangers’ coffee, taking a homeless woman grocery shopping, and helping the person she just met network and find their next job. Randi’s heart was pure gold (bedazzled of course).

Most important, and above all else for ‘Momma Mitch’, were her daughters — Jennifer and Samantha (and of course, Lexi Doodle). Nothing made her happier than weekends with the girls, trips to NYC to see a Broadway show, Disney dates, trips to the fair, and kayaking in the Everglades. And nothing made Momma Mitch prouder than watching their happiness, laughter, and their love for each other.

For those who loved her deeply, for those who met her just for a few minutes, and even for those who observed from a distance, Randi made an impact. Randi’s legacy isn’t just in the memories and laughter we have had with her, but in the way she will continue to inspire us to live our lives more fully, with joy and kindness in her honor.






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