Insights from the American Cancer Society:

How are soft tissue sarcomas treated?

Primary Approaches to Soft Tissue Sarcoma Treatment Include:

Common treatment approaches:

Addressing a soft tissue sarcoma necessitates tailoring the treatment to its type, location, and stage, along with consideration for your overall physical well-being. The primary curative method involves surgical removal, making surgery an integral component of the treatment approach for all soft tissue sarcomas whenever feasible.

Making treatment decisions:

Engage in comprehensive discussions with your medical team about various treatment options, understanding their objectives and potential side effects. While there might be a sense of urgency in making decisions, allow yourself the necessary time to assimilate the information. Don’t hesitate to pose questions to your cancer care team for clarity and informed decision-making.

Given the opportunity, seeking a second opinion is a prudent decision. It provides additional information and enhances your confidence in the chosen treatment plan.