Who Are We? Delving into the Rich History of Our Foundation

Tracing the Origins of the Foundation:

In 1997, a pioneering group of patients, caregivers, and families informally united to offer mutual support. By 2001, this collective became the officially named National Leiomyosarcoma Foundation, attaining its 501c3 status. Since 2002, the NLMSF has actively funded research. Today, we are proud to be distinguished as a 100% trusted organization by Charity Navigator, hold a Guide Star Gold designation, and are consistently recognized as a ‘Top Rated Charity’ by Great Nonprofits.”

Our Foundation's Board Members: A comprehensive showcase featuring photographs, names, and a designation as an LMS Survivor, Caregiver, or Friend of the Foundation, along with their respective locations across states or countries

Board Members

Achee, Annie - Colorado

Achee, Mitch - Colorado

Aguilar, Alex

Bain, Kathleen - Colorado

Forgess, Lynne - Philadelphia

Hancock, Chris - Washington

Lee, Greg - Canada

Sebaney, Jacque, - Texa,

Stoddard, Marlana- Oregon

Williams, Chandalyn

NLMSF Community Ambassadors

Corids, Charlee

Mathews, Jim

Noh, Denny

Our Foundation's Medical Advisory Committee for our 'Connect with a Clinician' Program: Featuring the names, titles, and sarcoma center locations, including both the city and state.

Explore our Annual Accountability Reports