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Dr. Raphael E Pollock MD, PhD Director, Ohio State University Comprehesive Cancer Center KLOTZ Chair in Cancer Research

“The NLSMF provides a vital link between the community, including LMS patients, and the oncology researchers who work tirelessly to help develop a better understanding of this rare disease, with the direct intent to provide sorely needed new therapeutic approaches. The LMS Research Roundtable process provides this unique and heretofore mission function, and for this reason we are so very grateful to Annie and Mitch Achee for providing the inspiration and resources needed to forge this connection.”


Seth Pollack, MD, Northwestern Medicine as Director of the Sarcoma Program of the Lurie Cancer Center

“ I love the NLMSF – I love the patient programs held – your signature support advocacy to collaborate with sarcoma centers. LMS is common enough to have had a specific focus initiative- and the NLMSF was many steps ahead of the curve,  to launch the LMS International Research Roundtable  – to support patients in this way, and focus on LMS-specific research and support in the research landscape. Annie and Mitch are such a good team for the LMS Roundtable. They compliment each other with their unique strengths in moving forward to help patients and giving a special spotlight to LMS in particular.”

LMS Lifeline/ Compass Connection

(303) 808-3437 or (303) 783-0924 for immediate assistance 24/7.

The Buddy Program

Learn how other patients are living through LMS.

Patient Resources

View our comprehensive list of resources, prepared especially for you!

Patient Programs

Attend our programs to learn more on the latest research.

Open to Hope Grief Support Group

Support for Spouses and Children

Count Me In Project

A description the Count Me In Project is found in the link provided below, along with a description of the NCI MyPart Network.

The Count Me In Project is under the direction of Dr. Corrie Painter, PhD of the Broad Institute.  Visit: for more information: network/

Patients Take Action

Cancer Cell Line Project

New therapies for LMS can't be discovered until we systematically map the best drug targets. The Rare Cancer Dependency Map Initiative is creating patient models from living tissue from your consent to donate your tumor tissue prior to surgery.

Patient-Caregiver Advocacy Roundtable

Within the LMS community, everyone has a unique experience and sharing our narratives empowers the storyteller and all who listen.

Survivors Inspire Peer Network

A telecon network of survivors of the journey to share about end of treatment in particular tips, suggestions, new information from guest speakers from different sarcoma centers of excellence.

MyPart Network

The MyPART Network is coordinated through the NCI Center for Cancer Research (CCR). This program brings patients and their families together with healthcare providers, and researchers to work together.